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AJ is the driver of the bus, and we mean that literally and figuratively. He is the proud owner of the Audio Perdisco bus. He is also the man in charge of most of the responsibilities from networking, to booking, to writing music. As the singer and guitarist for the band, his growling vocals bring forth a sort of raw and honest approach, and his Bob Weir inspired rhythm techniques are an element that helps bring the rest of the band together. AJ has a dream for a larger platform that creates opportunity for other aspiring musicians. Having a stage on top of the bus is one of many ways he plans to achieve that goal.

Sister Sas has been moved by music from a very young age. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she started singing at the age of 8, adding to her dance and acting background. Sister Sas moved to North County San Diego in 2010, and joined Audio Perdisco in 2023. Some of her musical influences include Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. 


Darien grew up behind the drum set, and he continues to put his heart and soul into his craft. He learned a lot of his technique in drum core and has quite the resume when it comes to marching. With that knowledge, Darien is always challenging Nick with different rhythmic ideas on the drums, that consistently elevate our sound. Playing genres from Funk to Latin Jazz to Pop Punk, his diversity is what distinguishes his sound as a co-percussionist in the band. Mix that in with the chemistry he has jamming with Ricky, Garrett, and AJ over the years, he has made his involvement in the band look easier than anyone could have expect from a second drummer.


Enrique Sotelo, is surely San Diego's next guitar legend. Being obsessed with the original art of blues guitar emanating from the 1950's and 60's Enrique aims to recreate the sounds of an era where American music took root while bringing his own style into the mix. He offers solid melodic background to the music of Audio Perdisco and continuously turns heads with his roaring lead on the electric guitar.


Although Garrett has recently locked himself in as the second lead guitarist of the band, he has been present in the band for longer than you may think. While in college, he would spend his summer and winter breaks with the band playing bass, and occasionally would show his true potential as a guitarist when the opportunity was there. Garrett's sweeping lead voice creates a great dynamic with Enrique's lead parts and his playing also brings a bit extra fullness to the rhythm section when not leading. In the five years he has been playing, he takes most of his inspiration from Black Sabbath’s Toni Iommi. Garrett pushes to master his art and play until his fingers fall off. Lets just hope at the end of the day he gets to keep his fingers in the process.


Nick has spent most of his life behind the drum set, and if he's not playing music then he is most likely thinking about it. As much as he loves an impromptu jam session, he spends a lot of time analyzing music and techniques, wondering how he can apply them to his craft. He takes inspiration from classic rock, progressive rock, jazz fusion, and funk, and can credit his interest in those genres to drummers like Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, and Carter McLean. Whether he’s ripping into a fast pace shuffle, or finding his pocket in some sort of funky groove, he’s found the sort of creativity in this band that he left Pennsylvania for.

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Vinny grew up in New Jersey playing bass, drums, guitar and singing in order to be able to write music from different frames of reference. He drove across country in 2018 to find better professional oppurtunities

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