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Au·di·o Per·dis·co

Noun (Idea) :

Latin phrase meaning to know or understand music well.  

Band :  

Audio Perdisco is notable for their non-archetypical sound and high energy stage performance. The music centers around poetic, lyrical vulnerability and is composed of elements of indie, classic rock, and 90’s hip-hop influences. The three members of Audio Perdisco, AJ, Garrett and Darien all hail from Oceanside, Ca and have a connection of childhood friendship and light up audiences with their sound and stage energy. They converted a 40ft school bus into a tour bus and built a stage on the roof by hand. An eye-catching statement which carries the torch of the free and bold lifestyles of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady. A hand built school bus stage and original music to match, with authentic lyrics and musical approaches inspired by overlapping experiences of the band and the cultures which surround them.

AJ Vansant their lead vocalist has the self-assured charisma of Jimi Hendrix and vocals that fall into a category all his own. Garrett Brubaker, lead guitarist combines his love for metal and indie with heartfelt solos and ear-grabbing licks. Darien McLaughlin, drummer and keyboardist fuels his sound with technical and groovy rhythms to keep audiences on their toes while gluing all the elements of the music together. Founding member and close friend of the band Nick D’Jesso also supports the music with his laid back, in the pocket, jazz-fusion inspired approach to drumming, playing on songs that benefit most from his style or songs that include Darien on the keys. Most recently, Audio Perdisco has added a new bassist Andre Rivas, who is taking a “make no unnecessary waves” approach to the rhythm section of the band with his mellow and consistent energy and playing style. 

​Audio Perdisco has entertained crowds at many San Diego venues including: Belly up Tavern, Casbah, Soda Bar, Winston's and many more, playing over 200 sets together since they formed in May 2021, as they established themselves as an exciting force in the Socal music scene. Audio Perdisco first toured the Summer of 2022 when they traveled in their school bus for a short tour up and down the coast of California. In 2024 they plan to broaden their reach into LA, greater California and surrounding states. As of 2024, The band is in the midst of ironing out multiple tracks that they started in May 2023 with their producer and studio owner Paul Waroff of Big Fish Studios. Singles from this project will be released throughout 2024, following the release of the first demo from the project "Early Morning, Sonic Warning (Big Fish Demo)" released 12/30/23. 

"We just want to open people's hearts with good music. Tunes to turn to when new love is made or broken, when going full send into a new life venture or when confronting life’s traumas or even as the backtrack to flip a bird to. We want our music to offer a cathartic experience for ourselves and our audience when we play, listen to and feel it. Music that comes to mind in those meaningful moments of life." -AJ Vansant of Audio Perdisco.

Attached is our


AJ is the driver of the bus, and we mean that literally and figuratively. He is the proud owner of the Audio Perdisco magic bus. He is also the man in charge of most of the responsibilities from networking, to booking, to writing music. As the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band, his growling vocals bring forth a sort of raw and honest approach, and his Bob Weir inspired rhythm techniques are an element that helps bring the rest of the band together. AJ has a dream for a larger platform that creates opportunity for other aspiring musicians. Having a stage on top of the bus is one of many ways he plans to achieve that goal.


Darien grew up behind the drum set, and he continues to put his heart and soul into his craft. He learned a lot of his technique in drum core and has quite the resume when it comes to marching. With that knowledge, Darien is always challenging Nick with different rhythmic ideas on the drums, that consistently elevate our sound. Playing genres from Funk to Latin Jazz to Pop Punk, his diversity is what distinguishes his sound as a co-percussionist in the band. Mix that in with the chemistry he has jamming with Garrett, and AJ and you've got a holistic tight sound that he creates with ease. 


Although Garrett is now the lead guitarist of the band, he has been present his origin story with Audio Perdisco didn't start at lead. While in college, he would spend his summer and winter breaks with the band playing bass, and occasionally would show his true potential as a guitarist when the opportunity was there. Garrett's sweeping lead voice creates a great dynamic with AJ's rhythm parts and his playing also brings a bit extra fullness to the rhythm section when not leading. In the five years he has been playing, he takes most of his inspiration from Black Sabbath’s Toni Iommi. Garrett pushes to master his art and play until his fingers fall off. Lets just hope at the end of the day he gets to keep his fingers in the process.

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