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Contact us through Phone, email or Instagram To BOOK 

Public Venue rates; Bars, Restaurants, ETC

  • $200 per hour, 2 hour minimum

  • $100 per after 2 hours

Private Party Events

  • $300 per hour, 2 hour minimum

  • $150 per hour  after 2 hours

Bus Shows

  • Rates depend on if it is a public or private event

  • $100 setup/teardown fee

  • $3 per mile fee based on location from Fallbrook, CA


No deposit is required to book a show, whether it be public, private, or a bus show. Prices reflect sessions booked within a 30 mile radius of oceanside, California. Travel fees will apply if booked outside of this area.

Gratuity is not included in initial pricing, we would greatly appreciated our clients encourage tipping by guests of the event. trust us, we are positive you will have a great time 

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